100% Loan to Value Private Money Lenders…

Are these Private Money Lenders real?

We have had a bunch of “newbie investors” tell us that they have lenders that are lending 100% Purchase Price and Repair and are asking why we don’t lend our Hard Money in that same way.

Ok, so this needs to be clarified. There are a couple reasons for this. Mind you every time we see someone saying they are lending ARV or are charging only 1 point or even NO POINTS, as a Private Money Lender we either subscribe to their newsletter or call them direct to see what their deal is. Interesting to find out what is really happening with those deals. The Borrower ends up with a lower Net Profit using that Hard Money or Private Money Lender because they either have a desire to share in the profit, or their qualifications are a lot higher than they advertise. (meaning you will have a hard time getting that loan anyway)

So, here’s a quick tip on what to be looking for when you hear of the 100% Hard Money or Private Money Lenders.

Some things to consider before “jumping on” with a Hard Money Lender or Private Money Lender:

Do they lend anything more than 70% Purchase and repair?

Do they Lend 100% ARV and rehab costs?

Does this Private Money Lender say “Easy Qualifying?”

Are they looking to “Partner up” with anyone offering 100% financing?

If you find any lenders like this realize; They are probably going to want to share in the equity of the deal. Meaning: your net profit is less and you almost become a “bird dog” rather than an investor. Even if you do all the work, you are still bringing them the deals and you are not building wealth. You’re in another job.

If you wish to work with a Private Money Lender that will work with you to get your project done and leave you the Net Profit of your projects we would love to work with youPrivate Money Loan Application

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