Private Lending Group, Inc. funds only first trust deed loans from $20,000 to $2,000,000 in major US cities utilizing company funds and investor capital. Investors realize a secured, high return yield with minimal risk while obtaining monthly returns. Each investor is recorded on Title in a first trust deed position and further secured with a promissory note and personal guarantee (if necessary).

After funding, investors are presented with a complete loan funding package with detailed documentation concerning all aspects of the loan.  All loans are serviced through a licensed, insured and nationally recognized loan servicing company in California.

Private Lending Group, Inc. handles all aspects of the due diligence process to ensure all funding parameters are met and manages the loan until term. From the time Private Lending Group receives a loan application until the loan closes, we are intimately involved throughout the process and in constant communication with our investors.

Private Lending Group Investments Offer

Solid Returns with Consistent Monthly Income Payments
Conservative Loan to Values
Secured by First Trust Deeds on Real Estate Only
Sound Underwriting Process and Due Diligence
Proven Track Record of Success
Managed by and Experienced Individuals
Full Transparency, Integrity and Professionalism

To request further information regarding investment opportunities or to speak directly to a partner, please contact us at 800 403 9491

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