Private Money hasn’t slowed down

And it doesn’t look like it’s going to any time soon…

REAIFACON blows it up for Private Money

We recently attended the REIFACON(Real Estate Investment and Funding Association) and the NABM(National Association of Mortgage Brokers) shows. What we found is that Private Money is needed now more than ever.

At REIFACON, we found that Private Money Lenders are needed now for development deals not just rehabs and buy and holds. Crowd funding is getting into this space too now for Private Money lending. This is big news due to the fact that the term Crowd funding is still not a good term by government standards. That said, although the terminology may not say that it is just that, the term Private Money is definitely involved and investors are getting great returns on their investments. Everything is done legally through the right filings and the right legal and financial instruments to set up and protect all sides of any loan made. The great thing about this is that now there is another means to invest in secured collateral and gain a return that is far greater than what the banks are giving.

NAMB Shows that Private Money is going strong

NAMB was a total blast. We learned about a lot of good things happening within the conventional realm and found something really interesting; Private Money. There were two commercial lenders that were sponsors and spoke in the breakout sessions. They talked about how banks are still turning down loans for numerous reasons. Policy Lending Limits, Legal Lending Limits, Committee refusals, loan officers not able to figure out how to structure,  Geographical Limits, etc, etc, etc.

We found one Private Money lender that was also there doing their presentation on Private Money Lending and how any conventional brokers could increase their revenue by helping others that don’t qualify on Credit. We found this extremely interesting as we have an affiliate program that allows non licensed people to become Commercial Loan Consultants in states that allow it. Click here to find out more if you’re interested in becoming a Private Money Consultant.

Private Money still has a lot of traction in the marketplace

What it really means is there’s still a TON of opportunity to get a Private Money loan for your projects. All you have to do to start the process is get to our Application page here, and apply, or click on the image at the end of the article.

Here’s where you benefit on using a Private Money Loan: You don’t have to worry about your credit driving the loan, that’s on the property and as long as there’s enough equity between the purchase price and repair and the after repair value there should be an ability to structure a Private Money Loan for your next project. We work with many that have challenged credit. the great thing about using Private Money is that you as the borrower don’t have something reporting on your credit report if something does happen to go wrong. Credit may drive an interest rate but not the total loan.

The exciting news is that you can get deals done from development to rehab to buy and hold. Don’t hold yourselves up, apply for your next Private Money Loan here, or click on the image to apply there.

Private Money

Apply for your Private Money Loan today!

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