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Private Money Lenders are Still Looking for Good Opportunities

Private Money Lenders are still getting involved in great numbers and helping active investors make their numbers investing in Real Estate. With the number of loan requests we are seeing coming through Private Lending Groups, It is no doubt a great time to be applying for financing for active projects. Whether fix & Flip, or Buy and Hold, it is a good time to get things in order so that once you have a project ready to go that finance is in place to move.

Winter proves to be a challenge. Especially this year. Yet, we’ve seen people working through opportunities and creating deals. Whether searching out deals or creating them, Active investors need to know that Private Investors are sitting on the sidelines waiting for good deals to come through and be presented. Active Investors have the added advantage of saying a specific word that means so much….the word is…


Private Money Lenders can say no too…Just like you

As an investor, you have the power to take and make a deal, or refuse it and let it go to the next potential investor or home owner. The fact is that you have a great advantage in any market if you remember this because the next deal will not fly at you. It will walk and present itself carefully and try to sell itself to you the right way, and you can still say NO. That’s the power of being an investor.

Private Money Lenders have that same power. How you can entice them is by bringing them a great deal. Not 80%LTV. Most Private Lenders shake their heads and face palm when someone comes with nothing down and expecting to just get money for a “deal”. So, when you’re thinking that wonderful thought, “THIS IS AN AWESOME DEAL! ANYONE WOULD TAKE THIS!!” stop, step back, take a second and really review your Maximum Offer and start working backwards and get your profit in mind and in line.

The bottom line with Private Money Lenders

IF you’re going to bring a “deal” to Private Money Lenders, make sure you’re making at least 30% Net on your profit. Run your MAO to include the discount, the cost of rehab and the cost of holding cash (Financing) If you do that you’ll know where to place your asking price, you’ll know better too how well you can actually net a better cap rate or cap gain. Don’t miss out on the profit just so you can get the deal. You can be right, and be broke. Be correct and say yes to the right opportunity and you’ll find it a lot easier to have a Private Money Lender say yes to you.

We are here and ready to work with you, your investments are on the line. Don’t miss out. Get on it and get at it!

Private Money Loans

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