Investor Loans

Our primary focus is to provide private hard money short term funding to Real Estate Owners and Investors for purchase,  rehabilitation and cash out of residential investment real estate.

The primary collateral for funding is the value of the investment property. We use the “After Repaired Value” (ARV) and not the purchase price to determine the funding limits. We can provide up to 65% of the purchase and rehab funds for a project.

Eligible properties include:

  • Single-family homes
  • townhouses
  • condos
  • 2,3, 4 UNITS
  • 5+ units
  • vacant land
  • Commercial Loans

Hard Money Loans

Do you own a property free and clear or low balance?

We can fund investment property loans that need rehab or cash out for business purposes. We are very flexible on income verification and credit scores. If you have a low mortgage balance on your home and are behind on property taxes, mortgage payments and are planning to sell we can help.

Properties in foreclosure can be funded. We do not provide funding for the purchase of properties at an auction. We will fund a property that has been purchased at an auction and has a clear title.

Joint Ventures

We welcome the opportunity to joint venture with our investors. Joint ventures are generally projects that exceed the investor’s funding limits, cash/credit reserves, or the required experience for the project. Joint ventures are a perfect opportunity for a novice investor to gain hands on experience working with seasoned professionals. Please contact us if you have a scenario you want us to evaluate.


Commercial Loans

We have loan programs available nationwide that begin at $150,000. Whether you seek funding for apartment building, office or retail commercial our service oriented brokers give you the underwriting expertise required by today’s tougher lending standard’s. If you are a seasoned investor or new to the market we are here to help you explore your best options for commercial financing.

Residential Mortgages

We have a strategic alliance with a National lender that can originate conforming, FHA, VA loans. The 203k FHA Streamline is a popular loan that allows for up to $35,000 to be used for remodeling. • 1756 Essex• Suite 204 • San Diego CA 92103

Phone: 619 512 3464 • Fax: 312-528-9043

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