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Private Money Loans are still very much available

Living in San Diego which just became the most exclusive place to live per the UT San Diego (click here for article), doesn’t have to be a challenge. Most investors know that if they can secure a good deal on an investment property there is such an influx of people coming to live in San Diego that it’s very possible to find a cash flowing property. Most investors are wary when the cost of acquisition gets to be in the higher amounts. The savvy ones know to work their numbers just right so they can gain a good cap rate and recover investment quickly.

San Diego has long been a very coveted area for living alone. Now it’s become a great place to hunt for a good deal and get a cash flowing property online in their portfolio. With foreclosure rates lowering one may think that finding a “good deal” is not as possible. From our contacts in the region, that just isn’t true. There are still deals available on the market. You might have to dig a bit, but they are there.

When it gets expensive, Private Money Loans are a great way to go

Offsetting up front monies by using Private Money Loans is a great strategy that many investors use. In the San Diego Market it makes even more sense to use Private Money Loans to get the deal done. It lessens the layout of the investor up front, and in the long run can allow an investor to be looking for other opportunities.

Another advantage of using Private Money Loans is the ability to increase equitable profit on the back end if you’re planning on fixing and flipping. Because you’re paying Interest only in most cases, even though you aren’t paying down principle, you are looking to the profit on the sale. (hopefully you’ve made your money when you inked the sales contract and aren’t hoping for profit on the back end)

Private Money Loans allow Investors such as yourself to increase your net worth faster and in a market like San Diego, using Private Money Loans are a definite way to increase your net worth. (On paper, you’re the owner you can claim the worth)

Private Money Loans are available

Private Lending Group is currently working with private investors that want to lend in the San Diego area and we are at the ready to take your application and get your funding. We can lend up to 65% of LTC (purchase price and repair). We have conventional programs that can help as well if your credit is good enough. (call to find out how to qualify for that program) Those can go as high as 75% LTV (Actual Loan to Value)

Call today to find out how you can qualify your prospective property for a Private Money Loan.


Private Money Loans












Private Money Loans

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What Investing did you do President’s Day?


Investing is a full time gig

Happy President’s day! It should be a day of relaxing with family reflecting on the leaders and leadership we’ve had over the past couple of centuries. It should also be a time to keep eyes open for active investors that are looking for opportunities to create income. If not, it’s lost momentum, and lost opportunities. Believe me, if you’re not looking, your competition is.

I have Investing Competitors?

Yeeeees, you do. THey are out there, hustling, bustling, searching, scouring competitors.

In fact, they’re everywhere. Investing in every opportunity they can secure. Why not you?

You chose to be in a business that is competitive. Maybe not as much as let’s say manufacturing toothpaste, but not far behind either!

Surely you know a few of them. If you’ve played it right, you’ve networked with them as their specialties are most likely niched a bit different. None the less they are investing. Just. Like. You.

But It’s a Holiday…Investing on a Holiday?

We aren’t suggesting that you give up your holiday to just go out and continue your investing activities. In fact, we would rather you take a day off. However, that doesn’t mean your eyes go shut and you go brain dead.

Keeping your eyes open and scanning for opportunities is paramount. You can always do research when you get back home.

Investing is still the bottom Line

Your business depends on finding new deals. Not just online where a good portion of them can be found, but everywhere you go. To some this will be a no brainer of “really? Why would you bother talking about this?”

Others will take it as a kewl reminder and probably have their brains engaged to be looking. We do it all the time. Anytime we hit the road we’re looking for new opportunities to be investing. they are in fact everywhere. Don’t miss it.

Once you’ve found an opportunity that works for your niche, we can help with the financing. It’s a simple application and we do work to close everything quickly.

Click on the graphic below to get started!











Investing can be fun anytime.

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Private Money is Still Thriving? Yep.

Private Money Lender

Private Money Lenders are Still Looking for Good Opportunities

Private Money Lenders are still getting involved in great numbers and helping active investors make their numbers investing in Real Estate. With the number of loan requests we are seeing coming through Private Lending Groups, It is no doubt a great time to be applying for financing for active projects. Whether fix & Flip, or Buy and Hold, it is a good time to get things in order so that once you have a project ready to go that finance is in place to move.

Winter proves to be a challenge. Especially this year. Yet, we’ve seen people working through opportunities and creating deals. Whether searching out deals or creating them, Active investors need to know that Private Investors are sitting on the sidelines waiting for good deals to come through and be presented. Active Investors have the added advantage of saying a specific word that means so much….the word is…


Private Money Lenders can say no too…Just like you

As an investor, you have the power to take and make a deal, or refuse it and let it go to the next potential investor or home owner. The fact is that you have a great advantage in any market if you remember this because the next deal will not fly at you. It will walk and present itself carefully and try to sell itself to you the right way, and you can still say NO. That’s the power of being an investor.

Private Money Lenders have that same power. How you can entice them is by bringing them a great deal. Not 80%LTV. Most Private Lenders shake their heads and face palm when someone comes with nothing down and expecting to just get money for a “deal”. So, when you’re thinking that wonderful thought, “THIS IS AN AWESOME DEAL! ANYONE WOULD TAKE THIS!!” stop, step back, take a second and really review your Maximum Offer and start working backwards and get your profit in mind and in line.

The bottom line with Private Money Lenders

IF you’re going to bring a “deal” to Private Money Lenders, make sure you’re making at least 30% Net on your profit. Run your MAO to include the discount, the cost of rehab and the cost of holding cash (Financing) If you do that you’ll know where to place your asking price, you’ll know better too how well you can actually net a better cap rate or cap gain. Don’t miss out on the profit just so you can get the deal. You can be right, and be broke. Be correct and say yes to the right opportunity and you’ll find it a lot easier to have a Private Money Lender say yes to you.

We are here and ready to work with you, your investments are on the line. Don’t miss out. Get on it and get at it!

Private Money Loans

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Latest Trends in Private Money Lending

Private Money Lending – A better way to earn income

I’ve been listening to a lot of nay-sayers about the Real Estate market as of late.


Someone: “So, what do you do exactly?”

Me: I help investors realize a greater return on their investments through investment opportunities secured by real estate.

Someone: “Ooooh…**Makes the smiling nodding sign to his buddy** The Bubble…”

Me: “??” I’m sorry I’m not sure I understand what you’re referring to?

Someone: “Oh you’re in that place where when the bubble pops again people will lose money!”

Me: “You’re right, someone WILL lose money…just not our investors.”

Someone: “How can you say that? Banks are inflating prices again and it’s all coming back around for another fall!”

Me: “Yep, but that has literally little to no bearing on what our investors invest in.”

Someone: “??”

Private Money Lending as a safe investment

After the conversation with this person, it was clear they had a bad experience in real estate investing and had no clue as to what they were doing, much less understand what it meant to be a private investor versus an active investor. They haven’t been in Private Money Lending before. Even after explaining how it is hardly affected by the real estate market, they still showed invincible ignorance towards how we can avoid the thrills and spill of Private Money Lending.

For those that really want to be involved in something like this they have to let go of any past experiences in Active investing to even begin to understand how this dynamic changes everything!

Private Money Lending Broken Down

Private Money Lending depends mostly on the current value of a home and there are more than enough homes with good equity in them that you can literally find new opportunities daily that make sense.

If you work with a Private Money Lending Broker (like us) you can sit back and just wait for the opportunities to come to you. No waiting to get paid either; just a solid interest income payment each month until your principle is paid off.

Many have wondered if that is affected by the real estate market shifting so often…NOPE.

If you are in Private money Lending, you have the opportunity to earn income no matter where or what status the market is in. You do need to know what’s going on in that market to understand what kind of and if there are any good investments to be made. This should be up to your broker that is underwriting opportunities for you.

The Bottom line for this type of investing is, you dod need to still be savvy with the market you wish to invest in. If you have a good broker, you can count on, then you have numerous opportunities that can do you well in Private Money Lending.

If you are interested in learning more about how to become a Private Money Lender, you can Click here and get a free report on how you can beat the bank by becoming one!

Or you can give us your investor profile by clicking the pic below:

Private Money Lending




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Earn as much as 10% on your money as a Private Money Lender

If you haven’t thought about becoming a Private Money Lender

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Private Money Lender…good title for you?

You’ve worked hard for what you have. You know you deserve better with the banks no longer paying anything more than even 1% on any financial products they offer.  So what do you do?

There are a ton of program out there offering you to invest with them. From Stock Market to Real Estate the options are pretty varied. The big question is, “Where can I get the best returns on my money?” Perhaps one avenue you should consider is becoming a Private Money Lender.

The big deal about this is the ability to become someone’s helping hand in deals they themselves either need help doing, or know how to do but just need that extra push to get their project completed. By becoming the bank for them you eliminate a LOT of headache for the Active Investor. You negotiate the terms that you are willing to settle with and both you as the Private Money Lender, and they, the active investor, both come out on top.

Free Report on how to become a Private Money Lender

There is a free report you can grab here to see how you can actually beat the banks pretty badly by becoming a Private Money Lender. Think about it, your financial adviser couldn’t guarantee that rate of return. It’s just not possible. As a Private Money Lender, IT IS! You are able to set terms and SECURE the Return via a deed of trust or mortgage and note. (Among other legal instruments)

Click Here to get that FREE report.

Becoming a Private Money Lender is not as simple as you think

Not everyone knows how to become a Private Money Lender where your money is protected correctly. We can help you through that whole process. Through our Network, we can help you learn how to become a private money lender by “vetting” any deals available and then presenting them as an opportunity for you to write a check and gain a security instrument to protect your money then you start collecting the checks.

Becoming a Private Money Lender, you are giving the Active Investor a fighting chance to get more deals done while securing a greater return on your cash that is probably sitting somewhere that you are just not getting any really fair return.

If you are interested in finding out more on how you can become a Private Money Lender and get a greater return on your money feel free to call us at 866-611-0186 ext 201 and we would be happy to talk with you about how you can join a network on savvy individuals that are already realizing a better ROI on their investments.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to become a help to the economy by becoming a Private Money Lender today!

Private Money Lender

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Cherry Pickers Are Everywhere

Cherry Pickers abound in the Hard Money Realm

Applied for a Hard Money Loan

Last month a borrower challenged us to match another lender that was offering 100% Purchase price and repair. Funny from the Hard Money lenders we knew, and we know a lot of them, this was a seemingly easy challenge. We blessed them and sent them on their way. Funny thing, they called back later saying for some reason the deal fell through.

After some questions about their opportunity they were working on, it was clear they had been “sucked in” to the 100% LTV marketing ploy. It’s great to bring borrowers to apply for a Hard Money Loan. Gets the phone ringing for sure. Gets a lot of applications onto the table. Then it begins.

The Hard Money Lender starts looking through the deals and finding the best ones and sending out approvals for them and apologies for the others that they can’t help them at this time. It can be REALLY frustrating when applying for a Hard Money Loan and not getting it and not ever really knowing why.

So what is the deal with this Hard Money Loan?

Ok, so you applied, you got the response that you didn’t want from the Hard Money Lender, why?

When they are good at marketing, they end up with first pick of all the borrowers out there by building their hopes and getting everyone to apply with them. Great problem to have for the Hard Money Lender, no so great when they start looking for the best deals; otherwise known as “cherry picking”.

When you have a bunch of great looking loans and even more not so great looking loans, which would you pick if it was your capital at risk? Of course it gets to that point where some Hard Money Lenders also look at the “loan to own” angle. That means they’ll take the property if the loan goes into default.

As a borrower wouldn’t you like to know that your deal is shored up properly so you don’t have to worry about losing your deal? Some Hard Money Lenders won’t tell you what’s amiss in your project when you apply. This does nothing for you the borrower as you are trying to make this deal work!

What can I do to make sure I don’t get Cherry Picked then?

First thing you need to do is vett your opportunity and be realistic about whether or not YOU would actually risk your own capital on the deal you’re working on. If you can be sure there’s enough ACTUAL Equity in the opportunity, then you have set yourself up well already. If the opportunity is questionable(not quite enough equity, not enough to put your skin in the game, not in an area that families will want to move into, etc) Then look for another deal; there are more than enough to find the right one.

Next is to vett your Hard Money Lender. Be realistic about the fact that if you’re looking for 100% LTV unless it’s a truly amazing deal, you’re probably not going to be the cherry that gets picked. Shore up your deal so that you can become the cherry. If you’re not sure how to do this, we can help.  We have a quick Loan application online that you can fill out to see where you would stand on getting a Hard Money Loan.

How do you help as a Hard Money Lender?

We can help vett your deal and then get you the funding needed to make it go!

By filling out this simple application, you can have one of our representatives talking with you about your current proposal or opportunity.

Once we’ve received your submission we go to work checking on valuations and location, etc. When we have the information we need to make a decision we come back and tell you what your opportunity actually looks like to an investor.

If it looks good to you, then we move forward to facilitating that Hard Money Loan. No cherry picking, just honest business.

If you want to stay out of the Cherry Picking race, apply by clicking the button below.

Hard Money

Apply for your Hard Money Loan today!








Hard money Loans are our business, we would like the opportunity to earn your business.

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BEWARE the 100% Loan to Value Lenders!

100% Loan to Value Private Money Lenders…

Are these Private Money Lenders real?

We have had a bunch of “newbie investors” tell us that they have lenders that are lending 100% Purchase Price and Repair and are asking why we don’t lend our Hard Money in that same way.

Ok, so this needs to be clarified. There are a couple reasons for this. Mind you every time we see someone saying they are lending ARV or are charging only 1 point or even NO POINTS, as a Private Money Lender we either subscribe to their newsletter or call them direct to see what their deal is. Interesting to find out what is really happening with those deals. The Borrower ends up with a lower Net Profit using that Hard Money or Private Money Lender because they either have a desire to share in the profit, or their qualifications are a lot higher than they advertise. (meaning you will have a hard time getting that loan anyway)

So, here’s a quick tip on what to be looking for when you hear of the 100% Hard Money or Private Money Lenders.

Some things to consider before “jumping on” with a Hard Money Lender or Private Money Lender:

Do they lend anything more than 70% Purchase and repair?

Do they Lend 100% ARV and rehab costs?

Does this Private Money Lender say “Easy Qualifying?”

Are they looking to “Partner up” with anyone offering 100% financing?

If you find any lenders like this realize; They are probably going to want to share in the equity of the deal. Meaning: your net profit is less and you almost become a “bird dog” rather than an investor. Even if you do all the work, you are still bringing them the deals and you are not building wealth. You’re in another job.

If you wish to work with a Private Money Lender that will work with you to get your project done and leave you the Net Profit of your projects we would love to work with youPrivate Money Loan Application

Apply now for Private Money Loan

To get your Private Money Loan Click here

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Hard Money Business Loans?

Hard Money Business Loans

Consider hard money business loans if you already have worn out all your possible financing sources from traditional lenders and you still need more money to operate or expand. Since they should be paid within one or two years, they are also called bridge loans.

Before you sign for any hard money loans,

Consider the following items.

1. Can you generate an ROI?

When you have a growing business and want to expand it, then hard money loans can help you.
2. Do you have an exit strategy?

Hard money business loans will be pain within a shorter period of time. Therefore, if you do not have a regular cash flow then it is not suitable for you.
3. What are your alternatives?

When your alternative financing options are equity based, a hard money loan can enable you to take control of your business
4. What’s the impact on personal liability?

Hard money loans are better compared to other financing sources with high cots.
5. Can you generate enough capital? A hard money loan is not the suitable option when it can’t cater your financing needs.

To apply for a hard money business loan click here

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Pros and Cons of Hard Money Business Loans

1. Hard money loan application process is faster compared to the conventional loan application.
2. Hard money loans may have lower cost than other financing facilities.
3. Bridge loans are suitable for short periods because they have lower potential cost.
4. Even if hard money loans implement interest only payment, their effect can be less strain on the budget.
5. Hard money loans can be used on non-real estate assets.

1. The cost of hard money loans are higher compared to other conventional real estate lenders.
2. For some hard money loans, the borrower may be charges with up front fees.
3. By the end of the interest term, you will be required to pay the full loan if you will ask for extension.
4. When you sign up for an interest term, you will have a 3 month penalty for early payout.
5. If your payments are delayed, the lender will immediately process a foreclosure.

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Different Types of Hard Money Loans

Nowadays, hard money loans or private loans are more preferred by people because are short-term loans that range from 3 months to 3 years plus they are being granted immediately with 55% to 75% LTV (loan to value) rate.

Here are the different types of hard money loans that you can choose when you plan to buy residential, commercial, construction, and land investment.

  • Hard Money Acquisition Loans – These loans usually finance the purchasing of real estates through loan proceeds.
  • Mezzanine Financing and Loans – These loans are paid back  at the time of sale. They usually have flexible structure and debt and equity mixes to increase the leverage of the borrowers.
  • Hard Money Acquisition and Development Loan – This type of loan is suitable for individuals who plan to purchase and develop a property. The loan amount is released with additional interest on the distributed funds.
  • Asset-Based Hard Money Loan – This loan can be used for any purpose but they require collateral for security purposes.
  • Hard Money Bridge Loan – This loan is utilized for a short period until the permanent financing is granted. This type of loan is suitable for business opportunity that requires immediate financing such as buy-outs, foreclosures and constructions.
  • Hard Money Construction Loan –  This type of loan is intended to finance construction of a building or renovation of real property.
  • Hard Money Credit Enhancement Loan -If you are not capable to apply for a conventional credit loan, this type of loan will help you.
  • Hard Money Raw Land Loan – This type of loan can be used for numerous real estate properties. The LTV ratios will be calculated based on the 90 quick day sale.
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