How Hard Money Can Make You Killer Profit

Hard Money

Hard Money as a Profit Maker

Using Hard Money as a Profit Maker is fairly easy. It’s running the numbers so it makes sense that isn’t.

If you haven’t gotten a mentor to help you or don’t have calculators, (which by now you should have searched out online; there is a ton of them) you’re shooting blind and your profits will get eaten up quickly.

And it’s not just about running numbers on a calculator either. It’s about knowing your risk and how much you are going to make on the back end.

What’s a good “rule of thumb” for Hard Money

A good rule of thumb as far as profit margins should be about a net of 30% or a cap rate that gives you a good spread on your investment. (GREEK ANYONE?)

Let me explain:

30% net profit is what you have left after paying off your finance and equity partners and counting all costs involved in the transaction of securing the property. The rest of the costs (Title, escrow, commissions if any, other miscellaneous costs) would probably bring you down to about 20% or so. This is really more for rehabbers.

Hard Money

Become a Private Lender

On the buy & Hold side, many look only at the return of a deal rather than the risk. Beware! Just because it says there’s a cap rate of 12%, doesn’t mean that’s what you’ll end up with in cash flow. Using Hard Money is a great way to leverage risk off of you, however it can hurt you as well if you’re not careful on figuring out risk in an investment. (if you’re not sure how to figure on that, we’d be happy to discuss your project and see whether or not you are looking at a viable deal.

Your biggest challenge is to be sure you have something that has a great return after paying expenses, not just great returns.

Know your Hard Money Lender

I see a lot of newbies calling around and asking the same questions as if it’s on the lender that they have to prove their worth working with. (I always get a chuckle out of that) Hard Money Lenders are there to serve you, sure. Remember too though, that they are more like a partner than just your servant. You’re going to have to qualify with them too. And if you don’t know how to figure out the above, it won’t matter how good a lender they are, you’re not getting that Hard Money anytime soon.

Invest in education. It’s a good thing, however, don’t just take that “guru’s” advice and goo out and qualify the lenders, qualify your deals.

When you have a good deal with low risk and great return, you’ll have money knockin on your door. Hard Money that is.

Apply for your Hard Money Loan by Clicking Here

Hard Money

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What Investing did you do President’s Day?


Investing is a full time gig

Happy President’s day! It should be a day of relaxing with family reflecting on the leaders and leadership we’ve had over the past couple of centuries. It should also be a time to keep eyes open for active investors that are looking for opportunities to create income. If not, it’s lost momentum, and lost opportunities. Believe me, if you’re not looking, your competition is.

I have Investing Competitors?

Yeeeees, you do. THey are out there, hustling, bustling, searching, scouring competitors.

In fact, they’re everywhere. Investing in every opportunity they can secure. Why not you?

You chose to be in a business that is competitive. Maybe not as much as let’s say manufacturing toothpaste, but not far behind either!

Surely you know a few of them. If you’ve played it right, you’ve networked with them as their specialties are most likely niched a bit different. None the less they are investing. Just. Like. You.

But It’s a Holiday…Investing on a Holiday?

We aren’t suggesting that you give up your holiday to just go out and continue your investing activities. In fact, we would rather you take a day off. However, that doesn’t mean your eyes go shut and you go brain dead.

Keeping your eyes open and scanning for opportunities is paramount. You can always do research when you get back home.

Investing is still the bottom Line

Your business depends on finding new deals. Not just online where a good portion of them can be found, but everywhere you go. To some this will be a no brainer of “really? Why would you bother talking about this?”

Others will take it as a kewl reminder and probably have their brains engaged to be looking. We do it all the time. Anytime we hit the road we’re looking for new opportunities to be investing. they are in fact everywhere. Don’t miss it.

Once you’ve found an opportunity that works for your niche, we can help with the financing. It’s a simple application and we do work to close everything quickly.

Click on the graphic below to get started!











Investing can be fun anytime.

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Private Money is Still Thriving? Yep.

Private Money Lender

Private Money Lenders are Still Looking for Good Opportunities

Private Money Lenders are still getting involved in great numbers and helping active investors make their numbers investing in Real Estate. With the number of loan requests we are seeing coming through Private Lending Groups, It is no doubt a great time to be applying for financing for active projects. Whether fix & Flip, or Buy and Hold, it is a good time to get things in order so that once you have a project ready to go that finance is in place to move.

Winter proves to be a challenge. Especially this year. Yet, we’ve seen people working through opportunities and creating deals. Whether searching out deals or creating them, Active investors need to know that Private Investors are sitting on the sidelines waiting for good deals to come through and be presented. Active Investors have the added advantage of saying a specific word that means so much….the word is…


Private Money Lenders can say no too…Just like you

As an investor, you have the power to take and make a deal, or refuse it and let it go to the next potential investor or home owner. The fact is that you have a great advantage in any market if you remember this because the next deal will not fly at you. It will walk and present itself carefully and try to sell itself to you the right way, and you can still say NO. That’s the power of being an investor.

Private Money Lenders have that same power. How you can entice them is by bringing them a great deal. Not 80%LTV. Most Private Lenders shake their heads and face palm when someone comes with nothing down and expecting to just get money for a “deal”. So, when you’re thinking that wonderful thought, “THIS IS AN AWESOME DEAL! ANYONE WOULD TAKE THIS!!” stop, step back, take a second and really review your Maximum Offer and start working backwards and get your profit in mind and in line.

The bottom line with Private Money Lenders

IF you’re going to bring a “deal” to Private Money Lenders, make sure you’re making at least 30% Net on your profit. Run your MAO to include the discount, the cost of rehab and the cost of holding cash (Financing) If you do that you’ll know where to place your asking price, you’ll know better too how well you can actually net a better cap rate or cap gain. Don’t miss out on the profit just so you can get the deal. You can be right, and be broke. Be correct and say yes to the right opportunity and you’ll find it a lot easier to have a Private Money Lender say yes to you.

We are here and ready to work with you, your investments are on the line. Don’t miss out. Get on it and get at it!

Private Money Loans

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Top 10 Reasons to Become a Private Lender

logo-private-lenderBecoming a Private Lender could save your financial future

Everyone has heard of “being the bank”. Everyone thinks you can only do that with Insurance policies or hitting it big in the stock market. Becoming a Private Lender may be one of the only true ways left to make this a reality.

Peer to peer lending has been around FOREVER. Most of us don’t know it’s shape or form as we’ve only seen it lending $20 to a friend or relative. Others have lent bigger dollars only to never see it come back. (Leaves a bad taste in the mouth no?)

In short a return on investment has become somewhat illusive. That’s where becoming a private lender could be a game changer for you.

Being a Private Lender in a nutshell

So what is a private lender?

It’s also called peer to peer lending and its been around since the days of horse trading. (Yes this is said tongue in cheek but it’s to emphasize that it’s been around a long time)

If you are an active investor, you swing a hammer and want to create a net profit after selling the home you are working on or creating cash flow by keeping a property for rent.

As a Private Lender, you don’t have the issue of finding, fixing, and selling or setting up rental. You simply lend capital to an active investor and collect the interest payments. Yes it is interest income and you will have to pay taxes on it if it comes directly to you.

As the Private Lender, you are paid first, not after the property is sold. You gain interest on the principle amount and get your capital back at the end of a relatively short term. (usually 12 months or so)

Benefits of being a Private Lender

One of the advantages of being a Private Lender is the fact that you can take the interest income and place it into a financial security instrument. (wooh big words) Basically like a self Directed IRA, or Defined Benefit Plan, Pension etc. This ensures minimal liability with Uncle Sam.

An Active Investor doesn’t necessarily have that luxury. If income goes into their LLC, they still have to reduce the liability by spending pre tax dollars. Then passing through the remaining income they still get taxed.

For a Private Lender, you can defer the tax liability by placing the interest income into the Self Directed IRA, or other instrument. This makes it easier for you to build your retirement or income for your family trust etc.

It’s how many have made sure their incomes are protected into the future. Not just holding a portfolio of homes for cash flow, but lending and gaining or increasing their Return on Investment.

Check With your custodian or if you need one call us and we can refer a couple to check out. (We gain no referral for suggesting any of them)

Top 10 reasons

ok so here they are in no particular order:

1. Deal with hungry Active Investors

2. Default means you’re getting a property

3. Interest income that can be placed in just about any financial instrument that allows for self directed investing

4. No marketing to find properties

5. No Hammer swinging (yes I’m that lazy too)

6. Easy to earn greater returns on investment

7. Investment is secured by real estate (as opposed to market fluctuation and unpredictability)

8. Shorter term for faster returns

9. No realtors, contractors, or people to deal with other than the borrower

10. First one Paid. First one out.


Consider becoming a private lender today. Call us at 702-856-4388 and ask for Dan or Mike. We’ll be happy to discuss what’s possible for you.

Private Lender

Become a Private Lender

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Private Money is Still Going Strong


Private Money hasn’t slowed down

And it doesn’t look like it’s going to any time soon…

REAIFACON blows it up for Private Money

We recently attended the REIFACON(Real Estate Investment and Funding Association) and the NABM(National Association of Mortgage Brokers) shows. What we found is that Private Money is needed now more than ever.

At REIFACON, we found that Private Money Lenders are needed now for development deals not just rehabs and buy and holds. Crowd funding is getting into this space too now for Private Money lending. This is big news due to the fact that the term Crowd funding is still not a good term by government standards. That said, although the terminology may not say that it is just that, the term Private Money is definitely involved and investors are getting great returns on their investments. Everything is done legally through the right filings and the right legal and financial instruments to set up and protect all sides of any loan made. The great thing about this is that now there is another means to invest in secured collateral and gain a return that is far greater than what the banks are giving.

NAMB Shows that Private Money is going strong

NAMB was a total blast. We learned about a lot of good things happening within the conventional realm and found something really interesting; Private Money. There were two commercial lenders that were sponsors and spoke in the breakout sessions. They talked about how banks are still turning down loans for numerous reasons. Policy Lending Limits, Legal Lending Limits, Committee refusals, loan officers not able to figure out how to structure,  Geographical Limits, etc, etc, etc.

We found one Private Money lender that was also there doing their presentation on Private Money Lending and how any conventional brokers could increase their revenue by helping others that don’t qualify on Credit. We found this extremely interesting as we have an affiliate program that allows non licensed people to become Commercial Loan Consultants in states that allow it. Click here to find out more if you’re interested in becoming a Private Money Consultant.

Private Money still has a lot of traction in the marketplace

What it really means is there’s still a TON of opportunity to get a Private Money loan for your projects. All you have to do to start the process is get to our Application page here, and apply, or click on the image at the end of the article.

Here’s where you benefit on using a Private Money Loan: You don’t have to worry about your credit driving the loan, that’s on the property and as long as there’s enough equity between the purchase price and repair and the after repair value there should be an ability to structure a Private Money Loan for your next project. We work with many that have challenged credit. the great thing about using Private Money is that you as the borrower don’t have something reporting on your credit report if something does happen to go wrong. Credit may drive an interest rate but not the total loan.

The exciting news is that you can get deals done from development to rehab to buy and hold. Don’t hold yourselves up, apply for your next Private Money Loan here, or click on the image to apply there.

Private Money

Apply for your Private Money Loan today!

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Earn as much as 10% on your money as a Private Money Lender

If you haven’t thought about becoming a Private Money Lender

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Private Money Lender…good title for you?

You’ve worked hard for what you have. You know you deserve better with the banks no longer paying anything more than even 1% on any financial products they offer.  So what do you do?

There are a ton of program out there offering you to invest with them. From Stock Market to Real Estate the options are pretty varied. The big question is, “Where can I get the best returns on my money?” Perhaps one avenue you should consider is becoming a Private Money Lender.

The big deal about this is the ability to become someone’s helping hand in deals they themselves either need help doing, or know how to do but just need that extra push to get their project completed. By becoming the bank for them you eliminate a LOT of headache for the Active Investor. You negotiate the terms that you are willing to settle with and both you as the Private Money Lender, and they, the active investor, both come out on top.

Free Report on how to become a Private Money Lender

There is a free report you can grab here to see how you can actually beat the banks pretty badly by becoming a Private Money Lender. Think about it, your financial adviser couldn’t guarantee that rate of return. It’s just not possible. As a Private Money Lender, IT IS! You are able to set terms and SECURE the Return via a deed of trust or mortgage and note. (Among other legal instruments)

Click Here to get that FREE report.

Becoming a Private Money Lender is not as simple as you think

Not everyone knows how to become a Private Money Lender where your money is protected correctly. We can help you through that whole process. Through our Network, we can help you learn how to become a private money lender by “vetting” any deals available and then presenting them as an opportunity for you to write a check and gain a security instrument to protect your money then you start collecting the checks.

Becoming a Private Money Lender, you are giving the Active Investor a fighting chance to get more deals done while securing a greater return on your cash that is probably sitting somewhere that you are just not getting any really fair return.

If you are interested in finding out more on how you can become a Private Money Lender and get a greater return on your money feel free to call us at 866-611-0186 ext 201 and we would be happy to talk with you about how you can join a network on savvy individuals that are already realizing a better ROI on their investments.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to become a help to the economy by becoming a Private Money Lender today!

Private Money Lender

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